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Millenium and beyond

Do you recall the Millenium; out of the 20th Century and into the 21st?

Our bodies protect us?

Little did Lizzie know when the picture was taken in 2001 that her pelvis was locked and rotated following a major operation the previous year.  Following extensive back treatments, orthotics to realign and protect her hips and a changed diet (gluten and dairy free) she is now comfortably repaired. 

Her Canadian chiropractor told her, if we think well, eat well and exercise well we can be well.  Although it is not always possible to follow his advice daily we believe he is right, while accepting that of course there are many conditions that will not respond to these ideals alone.

Lizzie experiencing fear and courage, and the wow factor!

Lizzie, whose new partner had introduced her to climbing the fells of the Lake District, Wales and Scotland has been told that mountain climbing is now out of the question, but lives in hope that she can one day return to the 'tops' in the Lake District, England which she likens to heaven on earth, such is the peace and feeling of closeness to our maker (whoever we may believe our maker to be).

Yes, a writer and poet too, please find some thoughts in 'Bathe Our Souls' where some favourite places have inspired writing.