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Let's Laugh & Giggle

Guaranteed to raise a smile in our family as Lizzie was growing up were comic sound performances by Victor Borge and Bob Newhart.  We also loved the 'Navy Lark', 'Round the Horn' (especially Julian and Sandy), and 'Hancocks Half Hour'.  Clips of all these hilarious sketches can be found on YouTube.

She's behind you

During the Second World War Lizzie's mother was in the WRNS (Womens Royal Naval Service) stationed at Fort Southwick in Portsmouth.  Mum continues ...... One day I was ordered to take for sailors to the dockyard, but we were amazed, when driving through the town, to see dozens of people lining each side of the road waving at us with flags, and cheering.  My passengers, being sailors, waved back and even bowed and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  But we hadn't realised that Princess Elizabeth was visiting the town and we were in fact leading the procession.  Suddenly, one of the sailors looked back and uttered: "Flipping 'eck!" or words to that effect, then added, 'Don't look now, but just turn off somewhere and quick".  We were approached very fast by two outriders on motorbikes!  I put my foot down and turned into a side street.  I'm sure our future Queen, who then passed by, would have seen the funny side of it.

Drama in writings and activity!

This poem, written by Lizzie tells of two female friends, who pursue their youth while nature has other plans! 'Salt and pepper' is how the English describe the mix of colours appearing in our hair as grey arrives! 

Salt and Pepper Shaker

‘I do not think they suit me’

Plump Violet used to say

Of Peggy’s endless cast offs;

Old wigs she threw away.


What Vi had always needed

To ward off ageing grey

Was tint and not a blonde wig

So Peg had said she’d pay!


So Saturday they stepped out,

They shimmied to the shops,

They wiggled as they giggled,

At Salon Frank they stopped.


Now Frank who owns the salon

Bingo calls at Roxy

Where Vi and Peg go dancing

‘Can our Vi look foxy?’


Frank was shocked at Vi’s roots

‘There’s something I can do

Better not put ash on though

It often turns bright blue’


Peg then checked the colours out

Gold beige would suit Vi’s hair

Vi checked out the mirror then

‘Ooh, fifty fat and fair!’


Frank was keen to take Vi round

The Roxy dance tonight

Once ‘salt and pepper shaker’

And now Vi looks just right!



Lizzie's home, Ringmer, a busy place!

Ringmer folk have fun

Along the B2192

Village Hall and Green

Cricket, swimming, football

Ringmer folk are seen.

Butchers, bakers, pet shops

Other retail gone

Country fair; good food there

Ringmer grows its own.

Tiddlers Toddlers, Nursery

First and junior schools

Community College, Sixth Form

Ringmer youth no fools.

Green fields, ‘Green Man’, ‘Anchor’

Village country pubs

Evergreen, WI; many

Community active clubs.

Glyndebourne, drama, music

Ringmer folk have fun

Countryside fair, where else is there

This verse can n’ere be done.