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Lizzie is the youngest of three Roelich family women who have shown a boldness of spirit and tenacity in the face of adversity.

The first, Lizzie's great grandmother Lotte Roelich, born in the 19th Century was, like many women of the late 1800 and early 1900s, without voice but showed love to all, while experiencing tremendous emotional pain. She loved poetry and, having no television or radio would read it whenever she could.  She died reciting poetry.  Read about her in '19th and the loss of all her sons saving one, Lizzie's grandfather Reginald, to measles at the turn of the century.

Pictured at 80 with Aunt Lil (her sister in law)...........

Lizzie's mother born in the early 20th Century, inherited this seam of resilience in bucket loads! The eldest of four girls living in 1930s poverty, she was sent out to work at 14 and later joined the Navy as a Wren, (WW2 - a Wrens Life) to the great pleasure of her beloved father Reginald.  Her incredible and often humorous experiences in the Navy and beyond have fortunately been recorded in her writing over many decades to today.

 Pictured in her early teens with her three sisters ........

Lizzie, born mid 20th Century is proud to be the offspring of these two wonderful women and has inherited some of the boldness of spirit which has helped her overcome many a 'hiccup' and has also caused some! Lizzie's snippets aree recorded in the 'Millenium and beyond'. Lizzie has just published her first book and is working on a second due for sale on Amazon for Christmas 2015 - 'Chaotic and Curious' a collection of short stories.

Pictured aged 3, at home in Portslade, West Sussex ...........



These three women have lived through immensely different times and it is that which makes their writing, in particular so interesting.  Lizzie writes a little but her great wish, like her mother and her grandmother is to bring inspiration and empowerment to other women through their healthy sense of humour, dramatic daring and creative flair.